Sign the Pledge

By pledging, I acknowledge and agree that I will be supporting the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem as proposed in the 6/20 initiative:

  • Building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tampa Bay is essential to continued economic success in the region, and to do that we need to generate significantly more scalable startups. The key metrics for ensuring the success of this plan include net new job creation and net new equity investment.

  • I will join John Morrow, elected to serve as Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the entire Tampa Bay region, in leading the implementation of this plan. John will be acting as the community’s day-to-day representative and taking the ultimate leadership position ensuring this initiative’s success – and will follow-up with me regarding this initiative.

  • We, as Tampa Bay's entrepreneurial community should endeavor to become more supportive and more encouraging to people who become entrepreneurs and to people who invest in startup companies. The titles “entrepreneur” and “venture capitalist” should be regarded as badges of honor. The community should uniformly praise these people for risking their time and wealth to fuel the engines of economic progress for our region.

I attest as indicated below.