Tampa Bay 6/20

“Startups account for almost all net new job creation in America in the last 30 years.”
- Startup America Partnership

“A startup is not a miniature version of a large company. A startup is a temporary organization in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model. Scale requires external venture capital investment in the tens of millions to fuel rapid expansion. Scalable startups make up a small percentage of entrepreneurs, but their outsize return potential attracts almost all the risk capital (and press).”
- Steve Blank, Author, The Startup Owner’s Manual

“Geographies matter, because at the end of the day, building companies is about people, and you need a density of people – and capital – to create startup hubs.”
- Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

“Building entrepreneurial community takes at least a half dozen entrepreneurs that are committed to provide leadership over 20 years.”
Brad Feld, Foundry Group

“Our goal is to increase the number of net new scalable startups in Tampa Bay by developing talent (net new job creation) and capital (net new equity investment).”
- Tampa Bay 6/20 Entrepreneurs

The Tampa Bay 6/20 initiative was named, in part, for Brad Feld’s quote (above), in part, for the six entrepreneurs who decided to take the first steps toward a 20 year plan (by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs) to build a thriving Tampa Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem, and, in part, for the plan’s release date of June 20, 2012.

The first six entrepreneurs - John Morrow (leading this charge as Tampa Bay’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence), Daniel James ScottBill JacksonMarvin ScaffBrent Britton, and Rebecca White - have between them started more than a dozen businesses, all are affiliated with local universities, and all already have assumed leadership roles in the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial community.

Over the past year, these six have been joined by hundreds of additional entrepreneurs, who have taken the pledge to support our region, and the initiative is now endorsed by 24 community organizations. In addition, we have a super active Facebook Group with more than 600 passionate members that share, discuss and debate how to best move our region forward.

A number of community organizations are helping achieve our goal of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Tampa Bay, including:

Media for the initiative follows: